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Complexity || Set and Heru-Wer


A traditional (ink, marker, and pencil) commission for TatuaYinepu of Set and Horus the Great (Heru-Wer)~

I really enjoyed doing this piece. Their complex relationship seemed to unfold as I drew out the details, and I think it’s one of my favorite traditional pieces currently. I hope you enjoy it when it arrives in your mailbox! <3 

Thanks so much for commissioning me. I love doing work of the Egyptian Gods! Note: this is a sepia version of the work,  the white-balanced version is available for veiwing on Patreon, for free. ^_^


🔅 Artwork made possible by my wonderful supporters on Patreon 🔅



“Set” by KateMaxpaint (DeviantArt


Horus (falcon-headed) and Seth; on the top, three stars.
Detail from the astronomical ceiling of the “House of Gold Wherein One Rests” (the burial chamber) of the “House of Eternity” of King Sethi I, Valley of the Kings, KV17, West ‘Uaset-Thebes


in case it hasn’t been posted before, this is Smite’s depiction of Horus and Set!! really pretty art, but they took a weird direction in designing Set in the likeness of a donkey??


Doodled another much tinier Set. One fun thing about Set is that nobody is really quite sure what the fuck animal he’s supposed to be. People have guessed anything from a giraffe to an okapi to an extinct type of wild dog or even wild pig or aardvark but the reigning conclusion is that the “Set animal” (or “sha”) is a fanciful amalgam of several different creatures.

Despite Set’s reputation for being an exceedingly violent and dangerous individual, it also seems that he’s a vegetarian, and consumes mostly (only?) Lettuce. Here we have the chaotic figure in a rare moment of peace, eating shoots in a lettuce garden. This tiny little drawing is for sale but I’m too lazy to post it to Etsy at the moment so if you like it and have a spare twenty it’s yours.


Cario Set Statue. 



forgot to post them on here, some egyptian gods I did for uni


Ancient Egyptian gods by Yliade.



And so I have finished with my Egyptian series ^^
Which is your fave??? 😀

I’ll be putting all 10 gods into a small book along with some sketches, I hope to release it in a month or so! <3



Egyptian gods – Set, Montu, Hathor and Thoth

Artwork by morteraphan