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🌾 Hatshepsut temple (18th Dynasty) – Deir el-Bahari (West Bank Luxor) 🌴

Luxor Temple 

Luxor Temple 

The Great Court of Ramesses II with the Colonnade of Amenhotep III located behind statue of Ramesses II in the Luxor Temple.

Entrance to the Temple of Luxor The Avenue …

Entrance to the Temple of Luxor

The Avenue of the Sphinxes towards the ancient Egyptian Colossi at the entrance to Court of Ramesses II, Luxor Temple.

The modern town of Luxor is the site of the famous city of Thebes, the City of a Hundred Gates. Some of the stone temples have survived. The most beautiful of these is the temple of Luxor. 

The temple was built by Amenhotep III (1391-53 BC) but completed by Tutankhamun (1332-23 BC) and Horemheb (1319-1292 BC) and then added to by Ramesses II (1279-13 BC). Toward the rear of the temple there is a granite shrine dedicated to Alexander the Great (332-305 BC). The temple has been in almost continuous use as a place of worship right up to the present day. 

grandegyptianmuseum: Temple Palace of Ramesses…


Temple Palace of Ramesses II Unearthed in Abydos

A temple palace belonging to pharaoh Ramesses II (r. ca. 1279-1213 BC) has been discovered at the Egyptian site of Abydos, north of Luxor.

New York University archaeologists excavating south of the temple uncovered a stone walkway leading to a limestone and mudbrick palace building similar in layout to the nearby palace of Ramesses’ father, Seti I (r. ca. 1290-1279 BC). Read more.

grandegyptianmuseum: Statue of Ramesses II Clo…


Statue of Ramesses II

Close-up at night from a seated statue of the pharaoh Ramesses II the Great in Luxor Temple.




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Mortuary Temple of Ramesses III

Courtyard with colonnade and statues of Ramesses III, The Mortuary Temple of Ramesses III, Medinet Habu, West Thebes, Luxor.

amntenofre: detail from a granite statue of t…


detail from a granite statue of the Goddess Iunyt enthroned holding the ‘Ankh’ (Life); dated to the reign of King Amenhotep III, ca. 1390–1352 BCE. Now in the Luxor Museum

egyptpassion: The kings of KungFu visit Egypt…


The kings of KungFu visit Egypt
Shaolin Temple warrior monks at the great pyramids of Giza and Luxor after their amazing performance in Aswan international Folklore festival
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