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Hathor, the Turquoise Goddess Near the Nile: undefined


Tumblr keeps eating this post ;3; third times the charm, I guess! This was a sketch commission for @starsandepithets ! Please DO NOT use this art without their permission!


Sekhmet (lioness with a mane) and Hathor from Ancient Egypt. 2019. Acrylic painting on stone.

Artwork by Tara Antoinette.


Annnnnd the next of the two color tests from the cast – although she’s been due for a color test for ages, I’ve just finally got around to it /o/

Hathor as she appears in DEITIES – the Goddess of Love and Beauty, mining, beer, and dance, whose sacred animal is the Cow. More info and commentary can be found under the cut!

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Medium : Digital Painting
Software : Krita

My entry for this month’s Character Design Challenge on Facebook, on the theme of Egyptian Gods 😀 (I just couldn’t resist such a theme lol)
is the Egyptian Goddess of joy, love and femininity, as well as music,
dance and fertility. She is commonly depicted as a cow goddess with
horns holding a sun disk, an Uraeus and a Menat necklace. She was so fun
to paint 🙂     


Lion-headed water spout 


on the relief covered

outer wall of the Temple of Hathor at Dendera.

It is one of the best-preserved temple complexes in Egypt.


The goddess Hathor for a great commissioner! She’s a little different from my other deity portraits but I think she came out nicely. She’s shown standing with, and holding a bundle of, reeds.

My commissions queue is currently clean, so if you would like a piece, now is the time to order one!


King Menkaure (the builder and former occupant of the third and smallest of the three Giza pyramids) flanked by Goddess Hathor and a Goddess Nome.
4th dynasty, 2490-2472 BC.


Commission from: @starsandepithets


Technical information: Full Body, Digital. MS Paint, no Tablet used. 

I still need help raising money for things, so if you like what you see consider commissioning / donating to me? 


Dendera Temple Complex

Outer Hypostyle Hall of the Temple of Hathor at Dendera