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Ancient Egyptian Agate Frog Ring

Perhaps the lid of a cosmetic vessel, on an oval plinth, naturalistically rendered, the eyes and mouth delineated by incision, pierced horizontally through the chest and stomach; mounted as a ring in a modern gold setting.

Late Period to Ptolemaic Period, ca. 664-30 BC. Now in the Private Collection.

Frog Amulet (polychrome faience)

Overall: 0.8 x 0.9 cm (5/16 x 5/16 in.)

The frog, because of its numerous offspring, was a symbol of fertility. In fact, the hieroglyphic sign for 100,000 was a tadpole. Frog amulets were very popular both in semiprecious stone and in faience, and were worn by women hoping for an easy delivery. Both sexes wore the frog in expectation of a successful rebirth in the afterlife. Inscribed “Nefer” (beautiful). New Kingdom, 18th Dynasty, ca.1380-1330 BC. Now in the Cleveland Museum of Art.