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“I Am a Soul.
I AM a Star of Gold.“ 

– Pyramid Texts

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It’s me, again, with the fourth commision asked by the kind @obsidianservant

I hope you like your drawings of Sobek-Ra & Hethert, and that I honour your gods in the best posible way

Thank you so much for commissioning me! 🙂

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Irina Nordsol Kuzmina

arjuna-vallabha: Sobek statues at Crocoditopol…


Sobek statues at Crocoditopolis, Fayum, reconstructions made by Ubisoft for the game Assassin’s Creed.

Two sisters engaged in warfare, both astonishi…

Two sisters engaged in warfare,
both astonishing beauties
of highest intellect.

These sisters of Alexandrian birth,
the daughters of Pharaoh,
a Ptolemaic king,

Face off one against the other
for a throne of darkest destiny,
eventually to be subjugated by Rome.

This war would end with one of them dead,
slaughtered in Ephesus
buried in Roman fashion.

And the other would grow
to become a renowned queen,
ruined by rumors of debauchery.

And their names are now legend,
Cleopatra Philopator, the Great,
And Arsinoe IV,
Daughters of Ptolemy Auletes.



growth takes time.

Who are you, oh forgotten Pharaoh? Ruler of Eg…

Who are you, oh forgotten Pharaoh?
Ruler of Egypt in poverty,
born into abject slavery-
bowing to Assyria’s King.

Who are you, with Colossus great?
A king who employed foreign armies,
the great Greeks as mercenaries,
to ensure Egypt had one of her own as ruler.

Why is your name forgotten?
Your statue deliberately sabotaged,
burned and then hacked to pieces.
You were a great king, the first of your name.

May history now smile upon you,
once forgotten and now remembered one.
To speak the name of the dead is to make them live again,
so live on Psamtik the First, Pharaoh Great.

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Egyptian gods by Yliade

This art is fabulous!

Found their DA page, hurray!

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Painted for “Immortal” – a card game featuring illustrations of mythological gods, heroes, and monsters from various world cultures. The kickstarter campaign has launched and you can support it here: IMMORTAL

By:  EthicallyChallenged

Plunder more at:

Dua Ra!

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Temple of Isis, Philae
Vasily Polenov