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Zuhair Murad “Féminines Sacrées” Spring 2020 Haute Couture Collection


One Egyptian Pound


This is Anubis’ daughter! 🙂 She’s called Kebechet and she is the goddess of freshness and purification. She is often depicted as a snake with a body of stars. She helps her dad prep the body for mummification.

I am not really fond of snakes but I just had to draw them together XP


I am planning to make more of these. I realized I need to put more effort into creating personal art and practicing ;_; Also, I’m hoping that this will help me to finally find/develop my style. D:

Wish me luck <3


“Sobek, the Lord of the Nile, Sharp of Teeth, the Ruler of the Desert Edge! Grace us with your strength and your protection!”⁣


A commission preview, created for Atefwepwawet. Thank you so much for your business, and I look forward to possibly making the full image a print as well! ⁣

━━━━━━⊱•⊰━━━━━━ ⁣

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Sketchin’ Isis and her darling little baby ruler of the world Horus :з


Building the pyramids 

gouache on paper

Illustration by Peter Jackson (British, 1922-2003)




Hey, you. Yes, you again! Do you remember my yesterday drawing? This is
her now! It’s finaly finished!!! I’m really proud of this illustration. I hope Sekhmet be proud too. ^w^

And I hope you like, mortals! ^0^

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I drew Anubis!