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Listen to the flutes playing, listen to the si…

Listen to the flutes playing,
listen to the sitar strum.
Listen to the melody of the lyre,
pay attention to the beat of the drum.

Watch the procession as it moves
out through those solemn gates,
past statues standing tall,
marking places of goddess’ grace.

Priest lead the marching group,
and dancers with their colors swirl,
as the golden idol is carried out
and cheers all around resound.

This marks the glorious occasion,
a time of feasting and of festivals,
in a land far away, bathed in sun-
the land of Ancient Egypt.



Sahara el Beyda – the White Desert – 45 km from Farafra is a place visited by foreign tourists and some schools in Egypt as a location for camping trips. Farafra has about 5,000 inhabitants and is mostly inhabited by Bedouins. The town has complete quarters of traditional architecture, simple, smooth, unadorned, all in mud colour — local culture and traditional methods of building and carrying out repairs have been supported by tourism. Often grouped within Farafra are the hot springs at Bir Sitta – the Sixth Well – and El-Mufid lake. #egyptpassion #iregipto#egypt



egyptpassion: I have inside me the winds, the …


I have inside me the winds, the deserts, the oceans, the stars, and everything created in the universe. We were all made by the same hand, and we have the same soul.

📍 Marsa Matrouh. Egypt 🇪🇬 #iregipto#egyptpassion

Bes, The Protector Deity: His Role and Signifi…

Bes, The Protector Deity: His Role and Significance as Defender of the Good – Part I: undefined

Let the gods know I tried in this place where …

Let the gods know I tried
in this place where I died
oh Egypt how you hold my heart.

And as my mind starts to wander
to those far distant shores,
full of sand inlaid with waters blue-

Let my heart fill with wonder
as my mind thinks of you
and let your glory never dim.

Egypt you hold my heart
as no other ever shall
and to you I shall depart

When this life has grown still.
You are hope to my heart
you are fascination to my mind.

Let your wonders continue on
and the Nile never run dry;
and monuments never crumble

Though the dust swirl o’er and around.
And let Egypt reign supreme
over Desert majesties.

Oh Egypt know I love you
as I always was meant to do.

grandegyptianmuseum: Gate guardian deities fr…


Gate guardian deities from the realm of the Underworld, a detail of the 3rd shrine of Tutankhamun decorated with scenes from the Book of the Dead to aid the king’s journey after death. Now in the Egyptian Museum, Cairo.

corantus: dog of the week #30: anubis  i saw …


dog of the week #30: anubis 

i saw this guy after my 6th long island and he had some bad news for me 

grandegyptianmuseum: How Did Egyptians Build…


How Did Egyptians Build the Pyramids? Ancient Ramp Find Deepens Mystery

Researchers in Egypt have discovered a 4,500-year-old ramp system used to haul alabaster stones out of a quarry, and news reports have suggested that it could provide clues as to how Egyptians built the pyramids. Yet while the ramp system is a significant technological discovery, the pyramid connection is still a bit of a stretch.

Archaeologists from the French Institute for Oriental Archaeology in Cairo and the University of Liverpool discovered the ramp system’s remains in an ancient alabaster quarry at Hatnub, a site in the Eastern Desert. The ramp system dates at least as far back as the reign of Pharaoh Khufu, who built the Great Pyramid at Giza. Read more

met-egyptian-art: Uraeus Amulet, Egyptian Art …


Uraeus Amulet, Egyptian Art

Gift of Helen Miller Gould, 1910
Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, NY
Medium: Lapis lazuli