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Bast, Mistress of splendor

Hello again!✨ 

Today’s drawing is Goddess Bast, made for lovely @waltzing-with-my-inner-geek

May you enjoy it!

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the goddess bastet!! what a great cat mom


Fragment of a Menat necklace, Egypt 890 BCE. On the right, a child-god, wearing a rearing cobra (uraeus) on his head stands before the goddess Mut-Sekhmet-Bastet. The child-god proffers a sistrum to the goddess and holds a Menat as a symbol of appeasement[3503×2967]



ig: alucinori



Egyptian Mythology ⇾



A kemetic trio for an awesome return client. We have a Bast (based here off of a mountain lion) a Khephri, and a Wadjet. I’m pretty proud of Wadjet in particular this time around.

Commissions are open.


Hey! What’s up? Today’s drawing is BAST MUT for @obsydian

Today I got notice I succeed on a difficult exam I had, thank you all for your prayers!

Enjoy the drawing! 🙂


I do sketches for $USD

Ask for 1 god/character/person doing whatever you want, I will practice anatomy while working on your drawing. Buy 3 and the 4th is free.

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