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Illustration of Nehsi and Hatshepsut

Nehsi, the pioneer explorer of ancient Egypt, tells Queen Hatshepsut of the strange cargo he has brought home from the newly-discovered land of Punt.

The expeditionary force comprised five ships, each seventy feet long, accommodating 210 men including sailors and 30 rowers. Among the company were people who made records of the fauna, flora and the inhabitants of Punt, spiritual forebears of the Napoleonic scientists who wrote their Déscriptions of Egypt. Nehsi was buried in Saqqara, where he had a rock cut tomb.


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Egyptian Philosophy may be summed up in the following proverbs which clearly state that
the soul is heavenly or divine and that the human being must awaken to the true reality which is the spirit Self.

“Self knowledge is the basis of true knowledge.”

“Soul to heaven, body to earth.”

“Man is to become God-like through a life of virtue and the cultivation of the spirit
through scientific knowledge, practice and bodily discipline.”

“Salvation is accomplished through the efforts of the individual. There is no mediator
between man and his / her salvation.”

“Salvation is the freeing of the soul from its bodily fetters, becoming a God through
knowledge and wisdom, controlling the forces of the cosmos instead of being a slave to
them, subduing the lower nature and through awakening the Higher Self, ending the
cycle of rebirth and dwelling with the Neters who direct and control the Great Plan.”
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Heru-wer, a piece for @kemetic-worship this one was really fun to do

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Next color test + CSP practice with the divine crocodile /o/

This color test was more spontaneous, because I’ve already drawn Sobek in color once before, so I didn’t plan to draw one for a while. But he was the only one from the main cast that didn’t has one, nor a ref for his animal form, so it seemed a good time as any. I also have a soft spot for crocodilians and other herptiles, so it’s fun to work with him even tho crocodiles are difficult af to draw and color.

Portrait canvas dimensions for the first one because his headdress and animal form – the Nile crocodile – are both ridiculously large. I’ll draw a proper reference for both another day, but for now this should do. More artwork and other information regarding #Sobek can be found in his tag, and more trivia in this specific ask. He also has his own Spotify mix and a joint playlist with Set!

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”On the Way between Old and New Cairo, Citadel Mosque of Mohammed Ali, and Tombs of the Mamelukes” by Louis Comfort Tiffany, 1872


these new scarab charms are up in the shop now!

each one is dedicated to a different One of the Netjeru, to help with different areas of life, or just as a nice offering to that Name! I hope you all enjoy them!

if you want to see a specific deity represented, just let me know!


Itty-bitty Ra
Just because, we all need a tiny king god.


Anubis in Cairo

Oil on canvas painting, by Georgia Hayes (British, b.1946)


“She rages like Sehkmet and is friendly like Bastet…” ~ Egyptian Complimenting Opposites