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a ‘sem’-priest, wearing the traditional panther-leopard skin, burning incense with the “Arm of Horus” (the arm-shaped censer) and pouring water from an ewer; to the right, three flaming perfumed candles.
Detail from the “House of Eternity” of Inherkhau son of Hay (TT359), “Foreman in the Place of Righteousness and Truth (the Valley of the Kings) in the west of Thebes” and “Director of the works of the Lord of the Two Lands” during the reigns of Ramesses III and Ramesses IV

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Relief of Sobek

Relief depicting the crocodile god Sobek

wearing Atef crown, detail of a wall carving from

the Double Temple of Sobek and Haroeris, Kom Ombo.

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A purification scene from wooden coffin depicting King Amenhotep II with Anubis. 18th dynasty, ca 1427 – 1400 BC.
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The Death of Cleopatra, 1910

John Collier (British, 1850-1934)

Gallery Oldham, UK



💖The sun sets over the historical site of the Giza Pyramids and the Nile River, near Cairo, Egypt… #egyptpassion #iregipto #egypt #cairo #time #sunset #thegiftsofmindfulness #iregipto #egyptpassion #retreat #yoga #inspiration #alchemistofunconditionallove

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Statue of Amun-Re

Detail from a statue of the god Amun-Re

in the Great Hypostyle Hall, Karnak Temple Complex.

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A statuette of the goddess Isis and her divine son Horus, powerful symbols of rebirth in ancient Egypt. The item dates back to the Ptolemaic Period (332 – 30 BCE) and is made of Egyptian faience, a manufactured glazed ceramic material. This lovely piece (55.121.5) is on display in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, USA. Photo (edited): Public Domain

Isis was a major goddess in Egypt. She was first mentioned in the Old Kingdom (circa 2686 – 2160 BCE) as one of the main characters of the Osiris myth, where she had conquered death through love; she was the symbol of the mysterious creative power which had produced the earth and all living things. Isis was believed to help the dead enter the afterlife as she had helped Osiris, and she was considered the divine mother of the king, who was associated with Horus. Moreover, her maternal tenderness was invoked in healing spells to benefit ordinary people.

The worship of Isis spread throughout the Greco world with the start of the Ptolemaic Period. As Ptolemaic and the wider Hellenistic culture was absorbed by Rome in the first century BCE, the cult of Isis became part of Roman religion.

Early Christians sometimes worshiped before the statues of Isis suckling the infant Horus, seeing in them another form of the ancient and noble myth by which woman, creating all things, becomes at last the Mother of God. The worship of Isis was ended by the rise of Christianity in the fourth and fifth centuries CE. This gave way to Christian full veneration of Mary, who is also revered in Islam for giving virgin birth to Allah’s Prophet Jesus who, according to the Quran, was conceived by her through the intervention of the divine spirit, archangel Gabriel. #egyptpassion #iregipto #egypt#thegiftsofmindfulness #ashleymariemoderndayalchemist

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Statue of Mut

Statue of the mother goddess Mut, detail, from Karnak cachette. New Kingdom, Late 18th Dynasty, ca. 1320-1306 BC. Now in the Egyptian Museum, Cairo.

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Basalt statue of the pharaoh Thutmose III who reigned ca 1479 – 1425 BC. He was the 6th pharaoh of the 18th dynasty. He became a very powerful pharaoh because of his foreign campaigns and was considered one of the greatest ancient Egyptian conquerors.
Now in the Egyptian museum in Cairo. #egyptpassion #iregipto #egypt #cairo #Mo_sharkawi1 #time #thegiftsofmindfulness #alchemistofunconditionallove