deitiesofduat: Next color test + CSP practice …


Next color test + CSP practice with the divine crocodile /o/

This color test was more spontaneous, because I’ve already drawn Sobek in color once before, so I didn’t plan to draw one for a while. But he was the only one from the main cast that didn’t has one, nor a ref for his animal form, so it seemed a good time as any. I also have a soft spot for crocodilians and other herptiles, so it’s fun to work with him even tho crocodiles are difficult af to draw and color.

Portrait canvas dimensions for the first one because his headdress and animal form – the Nile crocodile – are both ridiculously large. I’ll draw a proper reference for both another day, but for now this should do. More artwork and other information regarding #Sobek can be found in his tag, and more trivia in this specific ask. He also has his own Spotify mix and a joint playlist with Set!

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