Ka statue of king Hor Awibre, Hor IThe statue …

Ka statue of king Hor Awibre, Hor I

The statue was excavated in 1894 in the tomb of king Hor that was found by a team of excavators under the direction of Jacques de Morgan. The tomb is located north of the pyramid complex of Amenemhat III at Dahshur.


rare life-size wooden statue

of king Hor Awibre has the hieroglyphic symbol for the Ka two raised arms above his head, emphasizing its purpose.

The king wears a tripartite wig that emphasizes his ears, and a long false beard. His eyes are made of bronze, rock crystal and white quartz, producing a very realistic effect.

Middle Kingdom, 13th Dynasty, ca. 1777-1775 BC. The statue is now in the Egyptian Museum, Cairo.