Middle Kingdom burial shaft uncovered in Faiyu…


An Egyptian archaeological mission working at Kom El Khelua necropolis led by

Aiman Ashmawy
Director of the Department of Egyptian Antiquities
has uncovered a burial shaft to the east of rock tomb of Wadj, in Faiyum.

Wadj was a Middle Kingdom Nomarch (provincial governor in ancient Egypt) probably during the reign of Senusret I (1971-1926 BC).

“Kom El Khelua Necropolis is located at the south of Fayoum about 40 km from the town. It is a Middle Kingdom necropolis from the time of King Amenemhat III (1860-1814 BC) and it was reused as a Christian settlements during Byzantine time.” said Dr. Mustafa Waziri, Secretary-General of the Egyptian Supreme Council of Antiquities.


The shaft leads to 3 burial chambers. The team found in them one torso of a sandstone statue with the right arm across his chest, including a middle part of basalt statue,

three smashed canopic jars

but inside one of them remains of the deceased

and a collection of potteries.

” Said Dr. Aiman Ashmawy. He add also that it was probably robbed and reused as a burial in later times. 

Photos courtesy of the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities.