Razor Belonging to Hatnefer This razor, which…

Razor Belonging to Hatnefer

This razor, which had been carefully wrapped in strips of linen, was found in a basket in the tomb of Hatnefer, the mother of Senenmut. Razors made entirely of metal were common in the Middle Kingdom and into 18th Dynasty. Razors like Hatnefer’s, which combine a blade and a wooden handle, appear for the first time early in 18th Dynasty.

Bronze or copper alloy, boxwood. New Kingdom, 18th Dynasty, reign of Thutmose II–Early Joint reign, ca. 1492-1473 BC. from the Tomb of the parents of Senenmut, Ramose and Hatnefret (below TT71), Sheikh Abd el-Qurna, West Thebes. Now in the Metropolitan Museum of Art.