Ushabti of Pa-di-Neith (Egyptian faience) M…

Ushabti of Pa-di-Neith (Egyptian faience)

Mummiform shabti wearing a plain tripartite wig and a plain divine beard. The arms are crossed on the chest, and the hands hold a pick in the left and a hoe in the right. The right hand also holds the cord of a basket that is carried behind the left shoulder. The face is fairly round in shape, the eyes of are quite small and widely spaced. The shabti is supported by a dorsal pillar and stands upon a trapezoidal base. The body of the figure has nine horizontal bands of an incised inscription as well as a vertical column of inscription on the dorsal pillar. The owner is named as Pa–di–Neith, followed by rather indistinct and garbled version of Chapter 6 of the Book of the Dead.


El-Assasif, West Thebes. Late Period, ca. 664-332 BC. Now in the World Museum, Liverpool.