“Old Cairo… You feel like you are travelling back in time, while walking the souq El Khalifa, buit around 1600, a part of Muizz el Din Street, which goes from Bad El Fotouh to Bab Zuwayla. You will walk between shops that have more than 150 years old.

Look up, look down and you will enjoy the marvellous architecture of all the buildings… The few light breaking through the buildings or traditional balconies will catch your attention.

But when you reach Bab Zuwayla, take sometime and visit it from the inside.

It is the last remaining southern medieval gates, constructed between 1087-1092 and at 1420, its minarets were added.

During the process of its restauration, some human teeth among other things, were find in the cracks, lefted there deliberated by the travelers for good luck. Enjoy it with no rush”.