Tree Goddess Nut – Tomb of Nakht Tree Goddess…

Tree Goddess Nut – Tomb of Nakht

Tree Goddess, or ‘Lady of the Sycamore’ in the Tomb of Nakht, Luxor. She is usually identified with either Nut, Hathor or Isis. Here she is shown twice with an emblematic sycamore tree on her head. 

The Egyptians believed that she would emerge from the sycamore when the Ba-soul (in bird form) rested in the tree’s shade and would give it nourishment and water. She holds in her hands a meal of bread, onions, beer and grapes, and three stems of papyrus, which is a symbol of vegetation and prosperity. Pile of food offerings lying on a reed mat.

Nakht, (Astronomer of Amun), scribe, and priest during the reign of Thutmose IV. New Kingdom, 18th dynasty ca. 1421-1413 BC. Tomb of Nakht (TT52), Sheikh Abd el-Qurna. West Thebes.