Two prehistoric breweries discovered in Tell G…


The Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities announced on Wednesday, July 4, 2018 discovering new human and animal burials, and two breweries in Tell Ghazala archaeological site in El Senbellawein city, in Dakahlia governorate.

Ayman Ashmawy, head of the Ancient Egyptian Antiquities sector said in a press release that the burials date back to the Prehistoric era in Egypt, specifically Naqada III (3200 to 3000 BC). One of the found burials belongs to a security Sloughi hound dog. Ashmawy stated that this dog species was only owned by wealthy people, as they were featured on some of the clay tablets depicting that era, while they are hunting gazelles.

The human burials are the first to be discovered in that area. Dating back to the same period of the dog, the burials showcases a human in squatting position, sitting beside his personnel objects buried in the site, which includes pots made of Alabaster and pottery.

Among the discoveries were two sites believed they were beer breweries. The breweries are the fifth to be discovered in the area, after three sites that were previously found on the hands of a Polish mission that has been excavating the area since 1998. Tell Ghazala is the only archaeological site in the coastal side, where beer breweries are discovered.