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This has just been updated per another follower’s inquiry. BTW I don’t check comments or notifications regularly. Most of these posts were accumulated years ago and are lacking the original source descriptions. Because of this, I have an art policy and other policies linked here. The art policy is in place on my main version of the blog for this reason. ^-^ It states:

If you see a post of artwork and you know the artist, message me (preferably in my ask box) – do not comment…

Please send me a link to my posting of it, so I know which images you are referring to, tell me the artist OR provide me a link to the artist’s site. 

More background information on finding these posts:

A lot of these art photos were sent to me over a year and a half ago by a friend who would change and rename them to “egypt thingy” or some other and didn’t keep track of where they found them. When I find art, I always keep who the artist was and if it is from a Tumblr, I just reblog it with all of the descriptions intact. Before casting stones, make sure you know the facts. The art policy page isn’t “obscure”, it is right there on the top of the blog, easy to find– even easier to read. Each post with art that I don’t know the artist to will always have the tagline, “TO SUBMIT ART CREDIT, REFER TO ART POLICY.” I never claim works as my own.