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Spiced Gabana Coffee Makers
Egypt – Coffee
The Bishari and Ababda tribes, located in southern Egypt between the Nile and the Red Sea, belong to the Beja group, which occupies a vast area between Egypt, Sudan and Eritrea. Among these tribes, coffee-making is an important ritual, repeated several times over the course of the day. The coffee beans are toasted in a pan set over a fire, then ground in a wooden mortar with a stone pestle. The ground coffee is put in a gabana, a clay pot with a long narrow neck, which gives its name to the coffee. Water and spices (cinnamon, cardamom and ginger) are added and the pot is placed over the coals. When the coffee is ready, a piece of palm straw is inserted into the neck to strain the coffe. It is then poured into small cups (always an odd number: three, five or seven) and sugar is added to taste. The equipment used to prepare Gabana coffee usually comes from Sudan, and belongs to the head of the family.

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