Necklace with a pectoral bearing the cartouc…

Necklace with a pectoral bearing the cartouche of



(gold, carnelian, turquoise and lapis-lazuli), from the Tomb of Princess

Sithathor, next to the pyramid of king


III at Dahshur.

The frame of this pectoral is topped by a cavetto cornice. Below, at the center of the piece, is a cartouche of


II, surmounted by the hieroglyphic symbol for gods. On either side of the cartouche is a hawk, each wearing the Double Crown of Upper and Lower Egypt, and standing on a neb-symbol, meaning gold. Behind each hawk is a cobra and a sun-disc, with each cobra passing through an ankh-symbol. The pectoral is attached to a chain of gold beads, and semi-precious stones.

Middle Kingdom, 12th Dynasty, ca. 1991-1803 BC. Now in the Egyptian Museum, Cairo.